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Article: Cordura can be more resistant than leather

Cordura can be more resistant than leather Cordura más resistente que el cuero

Cordura can be more resistant than leather

Leather motorcycle suits are usually thought to be more resistant than synthetic fiber suits. There are two reasons for this. The first one is that cow leather has always been used in the manufacture of racing apparel, so leather is associated with quality. The second reason is that there are few brands that are using high-strength synthetic materials.

At Andromeda we have the world's most advanced synthetic motorcycle suit and cafe racer jacket, both with AAA protection level (using UHMWPE and Kevlar).

For example, when conducting abrasion tests, cow leather is often compared to Cordura 500D. Instead of comparing it with higher density Cordura (deniers) such as Cordura 1100D.

The truth is that cow leather is still the same as it was years ago, while innovation in synthetic fabrics is unstoppable.

What is Cordura and what is its resistance?

Cordura is a fabric created out of the rayon by DuPont. It is a 6-6 nylon with great resistance to abrasion and tear. These features have led to its widespread use in the manufacture of clothing and accessories such as motorcycle jackets, backpacks and ski suits.

When talking about motorcycle suits made of Cordura, they usually have a strength of 400D, so in this case they are less resistant than cowhide, which is around 1000D. The higher the denier, the thicker the fiber section and the more resistant to abrasion.
But there are also higher levels of Cordura: 700D, 1000D and even 1100D.

Cordura has certain advantages compared to leather: its fibers are more flexible and also require less maintenance (leather needs hydration and greater care in cleaning). In the case of jackets, they usually have a waterproof inner layer that protects against rain, cold and wind.

Beyond Cordura

We can say that Cordura is the most famous synthetic material when it comes to motorcycle clothing. However, there are synthetic fabrics with higher performance, such as the ones we offer in Andromeda: UHMWPE synthetic leather, Kevlar and Superfabric (the most resistant material in motorcycle clothing).

In the following chart we will show different materials focusing only on abrasion. However, it should be noted that there is no consensus on abrasion tests.

Fabric Cycles
Superfabric 3750
Cordura 1000D 1780
Competition Leather 1200-1700
Corduda 500D 519
Kevlar 506*

Source: High Performance Textiles and Their Applications and Taber Test.
*It depends a lot on the type of Kevlar. In addition, this fiber is intertwined with other fabrics, so the amount of Kevlar in a garment may vary.

If you want to know more about motorcycle safety gear, read this post.

We hope this information has been useful for you to be able to differentiate between the features of the different types of fabrics. If you have any doubt, you can send us an email or leave a comment on our social media.

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