Superfabric, the most resistant fabric in motorcycle gear

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Superfabric® is an unknown fabric to many, and yet it is a longtime ally of aerospace technology. Its current applications are innumerable, and can be found in the most advanced motorcycle gear, but also in the manufacture of ski suits, of specialists in bomb deactivation, in high-end car seats or in mountaineering equipment, among others.

At Andromeda we bet on this material in products that need higher performance, such as our Meteor gloves, which combine both Kevlar and Superfabric to offer maximum protection against tear and abrasion.

Other sports brands like Nobull also use this material in their sneakers, or for example Ferrari in the seats of their supercars.

What is Superfabric made of?

This material is created based on a fabric, such as nylon or polyester, which is superimposed on tiny and highly resistant ceramic plates following different patterns.

The spaces between these plates allow flexibility similar to other materials, in addition to breathable, these spaces being small enough to prevent sharp objects from penetrating.

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What its resistance?

Its main qualities are resistance to cutting and abrasion, becoming 10 times stronger than the famous Kevlar. If we compare it with the leather of track suits, which resists an abrasion of between 1200 and 1700 cycles, Superfabric offers us about 3750 cycles. Almost nothing!

Using deniers as a unit of measurement, it turns out that materials such as 1000d nylon (more resistant to abrasion than skin), falls short of the performance of SuperFabric.

Other qualities of Superfabric in motorcycle gear

We have mentioned resistance to abrasion, cutting and tearing but this material has other qualities that make it ideal for reinforcing gloves, jackets, motorcycle suits and other products.


SuperFabric has high levels of resistance to stains from food, grass, dirt, mud, oil and other liquids. This helps keep products looking new and performing optimally.


SuperFabric materials are among the world’s most durable and resistant fabrics. Its applications are numerous, in addition to motorcycle gear it is also used in the manufacture of combat boots, quality bus seats or in mountain equipment.


It simply does not retain liquid due to the protective plates and the breathable design. They can dry 10 times faster than raw leather. Keeping the surface dry also means less weight. These characteristics that the motorcycle jackets and suits that are made with this material provide comfort to the rider.

Furthermore, unlike many other materials, they do not need a waterproof surface treatment, which will wear out over time. Hence, SuperFabric is more durable in this regard as well.


SuperFabric has been used in the new space suits they are testing for a possible mission to Mars. They were used to cover the entire palm of the glove to provide protection against abrasion, cutting, extreme temperatures and puncture.


We think that it is time to start having a broader vision when it comes to motorcycle clothing. Superfabric is one of many synthetic materials that outperform those traditionally worn. In fact, we can affirm that Superfabric in motorcycle gear offers us the greatest resistance, but there are also others such as Kevlar, Cordura and other latest generation nylon.

The advantages of using these innovative synthetic fabrics are multiple, both for regular users and for stunt riders, but they also mean a reduction in environmental impact.

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