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Article: NearX Outlet Suits for €977 and less

nearx motorcycle suit mono moto

NearX Outlet Suits for €977 and less

Did you know we have an outlet section? Here you can find NearX suits in stock for €977 and less.

If it matches your size, you'll have it at home in the time it takes for DHL delivery.

Go to outlet now!

andromeda motorcycle suit

For riders who face big challenges

Motorcycle gear with aerospace technology

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certified motorcycle jacket

Neowise jacket: AAA certified motorcycle jacket

As many of you already know, the Neowise jacket has the same main fabrics as the NearX suit (the most advanced motorcycle suit): Ultra-resistant UHMWPE polyethylene (used in the aerospace industry...

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certified endurance karting race suit mono de karting de resistencia

Certified endurance karting race suit

For motorsport fans, karting is one of the closest experiences to being a racing driver. And this is not surprising, as this sport is the basis for those who are starting out in motorsport. Many of...

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