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At Andromeda we are obsessed with offering maximum security, so you don't have to worry. We want you to simply enjoy the experience. For this reason, our products incorporate high resistance fabrics such as Superfabric, Kevlar and others used in the aerospace sector. Fabrics that will give you maximum protection and comfort while doing what you like the most. Without having to choose between one option or another.

Leather tanning has been carried out since ancient times, but it is a fact that leather is leather, and there is no further progress. On the other hand, synthetic materials continue to improve and their possibilities are almost infinite, and more respectful with animals and the environment.


Safety is one of our fundamental pillars as a brand, but we are also committed to quality. That is why we use fabrics that not only offer great performance, but also make the products long-lasting. So that you can use them season after season.