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Discount motorcycle gear

Welcome to Andromeda Moto, the premium brand that is revolutionizing the world of motorcycle gear with its latest generation fabrics. Discover exclusive discounts without giving up quality. 

Free shipping in orders €99 and over.

"Until recently if you wanted to ride a bike on track in the UK you would have had to wear either a one or two-piece leather suit. But now a new Spanish brand have created a new product that is not only animal product free but is also kinder on the environment too."

"No, Andromeda Moto doesn’t have the same century-long history and world-famous branding but they do have a gorgeous, feature-rich product that offers equal or better protection at less than half the cost."

"All this results in a suit that is lighter and more resistant than the usual ones, but it is also 566 times more sustainable than current leather suits."

"It’s my go-to jacket, i love just chuck it on. It’s really like airy. You can fit clothes underneath it as well you can run in winter. It’s a great jacket."



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Save 50%winter motorcycle gloveswinter motorcycle gloves
Meteor Winter Gloves Sale price€79.50 Regular price€159.00
Save 27%Kuiper Jacket 2Kuiper Jacket 2
Kuiper Jacket 2 Sale price€189.00 Regular price€259.00
Save 34%kevlar racing gloves guantes racing kevlarkevlar racing gloves guantes racing kevlar
Meteor Gloves Black & White Sale price€99.00 Regular price€149.00
Save 10%Infinity Boots (pre-order) Limited unitsInfinity Boots (pre-order) Limited units
Infinity Boots (pre-order) Limited units Sale price€240.30 Regular price€267.00
Save 30%Neowise Jacketcafe racer jacket
Neowise Jacket Sale price€374.00 Regular price€535.00
Save 30%cafe racer jacket womancafe racer jacket woman
Neowise Jacket Woman Sale price€374.00 Regular price€535.00
Save 20%Meteor + Apollo gloves packMeteor + Apollo gloves pack
Meteor + Apollo gloves pack Sale price€182.80 Regular price€228.50
Apollo gloves + T-Shirt packApollo gloves + T-Shirt pack
Apollo gloves + T-Shirt pack Sale price€99.00
Save 30%Meteor + Meteor Winter gloves packMeteor + Meteor Winter gloves pack
Meteor + Meteor Winter gloves pack Sale price€215.60 Regular price€308.00
Save 13%Neowise jacket 2 + Meteor gloves packNeowise jacket 2 + Meteor gloves pack
Neowise jacket 2 + Meteor gloves pack Sale price€651.00 Regular price€744.00
Save 25%Kuiper jacket 2 + Apollo gloves packKuiper jacket 2 + Apollo gloves pack
Kuiper jacket 2 + Apollo gloves pack Sale price€253.50 Regular price€338.00
Save 10%Neowise jacket 2 + Apollo gloves packNeowise jacket 2 + Apollo gloves pack
Neowise jacket 2 + Apollo gloves pack Sale price€606.60 Regular price€674.00
Save 20%Outlet Nearx Blue DenimOutlet Nearx Blue Denim
Outlet Nearx Blue Denim Sale price€1,577.00 Regular price€1,977.00
Save 41%Outlet NearX Suit WomanOutlet NearX Suit Woman
Outlet NearX Suit Woman Sale price€877.00 Regular price€1,477.00
Save 23%Outlet NearX Suit BasicOutlet NearX Suit Basic
Outlet NearX Suit Basic Sale price€977.00 Regular price€1,277.00