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Article: Route to the vegan cafe on a motorbike. Bruce tells us about his experience

vegan cafe on a motorbike

Route to the vegan cafe on a motorbike. Bruce tells us about his experience

We continue with the motorbike routes told by vegan bikers who are part of our community. Previously, Alex told us about different routes and restaurants in Valencia. In this case, Bruce Garley from UK Vegan Bikers tells us about his favourite route:

A bitterly cold, but beautifully sunny February mid week day. A motorcycle that hasn’t been ridden for what feels like an eternity. The new Andromeda Apollo gloves to try out.

Do I need any more excuses to head out for a ride? Of course not! The destination is set. From my home near Wellingborough, UK, to DeeDees vegan cafe in Biggleswade, via some treacherous in places but rewarding back roads.

I set out and head for one of my local biker’s playground, the B645 from Chelveston to St Neots. This is a busy road so the roads are not icy, thank the biking gods.

The first few miles feature a great set of bends, which, when you get them right, make you feel like a riding god! It’s too cold and slippery for any heroics today though, so I take them at a brisk but not excessive speed.

I take a detour once in the picturesque village of Kimbolton, head out towards Bedford, and stumble upon the magnificent, seemingly isolated Bolnhurst church.

I’ve bought my drone along, so I have a little flying session, when a dog walker and his friendly pooch approach me for a chat.

Following this, a little walk around the churchyard, and it’s back on the road.

Up until now, I was wearing my Keis G701 heated gloves. Now though, it’s time to test the Apollos.

First impressions, well, as I always expect from Andromeda now, they feel like a superb quality glove and look amazing! BUT….they are not a winter glove haha!

deedees vegan coffee motorbike

So a few miles riding with them to get my first thoughts on them, and the heated gloves are back on.

I’m now back on the B645 on the run to St Neots. More quaint British villages await followed by some lovely sweeping bends.

I arrive in the historic market town of St Neots, but alas, the next leg is a boring bit of old Roman road, the arrow straight A1 towards Sandy and eventually arriving in Biggs. (The affectionate name given to Biggleswade by Jade C !)

vegan cafe on a motorbike

I make it to DeeDees, have a wrap, smoothie, and cake with my usual black americano, and head back out on the road.

I’m practising my photography skills at the moment, so I stop at another church that I can’t remember the name of for a photo shoot. It’s a perfect day for it.

After this, it’s time to head back home before the sun sets and the roads start freezing over even more as the temperature drops.

I witness a most stunning sunset, before eventually rolling on to my drive….What a great day it’s been!



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