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October 25, 2022

We are launching a new section for all those vegan riders who are going on a route, and need to know where to have lunch or eat vegan.
This time it's the turn of the province of Valencia (Spain), and our colleague Álex Sánchez, rider, foodie and member of the band Traidor is going to tell us about a highly recommended route and places where to eat well ;)

We leave you with his article:

Greetings, vegan biker community, this is the first entry of a small guide that we can make grow together. My name is Álex and you can contact me through Instagram @huevalex.

As you will have already seen in your trips, in big cities it is much easier to eat well if you are vegan, but when we go out on the road or to much smaller towns or villages things tend to get complicated... So the purpose of this blog is to recommend you areas with good roads and landscapes as well as places that I have personally tried where you can stop for a snack, lunch or dinner. 

huevalex motorcycle routes valencia

Circular route Valencia, Alcublas, Sacañet, Teresa, Viver, Altura, Sanctuary of the holy cave, Alcublas, Valencia.

Leaving Valencia on the CV-35 towards Llíria, after passing Llíria we take exit 27A and take the road that leads to Alcublas; this is a simple and wide road, and after crossing several roundabouts we start to climb the pass that will take us to Alcublas. This pass is fun: you can go up and down it happily, with a very open and wide landscape.

We cross Alcublas, and shortly after there is an exit that will take us to the top of a hill where there are a couple of restored mills that can be visited, from where we can enjoy some great views.

We continue towards Sacañet, Ríos de Abajo, Teresa, and shortly before reaching Viver we find the Bar Restaurante el Cristo, at the foot of the road, one of the best options for a bite to eat and also halfway along the route: I recommend a tosta or sandwich of homemade ratatouille with potatoes, very good.

We continue our walk and pass Jérica until we reach Altura and then take the road to Cueva Santa, a recommended stop where we can visit the sanctuary.

It is worth noting that the road is newly asphalted and that the whole area burnt down this summer (2022), destroying a large part of the vegetation; even so, the landscapes are still worthy of admiration.

We continue on to Alcublas and from there we retrace our steps until we reach Valencia.

In Valencia there are many options for eating, vegan restaurants directly, vegetarian with options and omnivores with very good vegan options, in this first entry I will highlight some (one or two per neighbourhood) that I really like so as not to make it too long and in future entries of routes through Valencia I will mention the rest of the ones I know.

Vegan restaurants in Valencia, Spain

madrigal cafe vegan

First of all, I recommend Café Madrigal, vegan, in the Ruzafa neighbourhood, a central and touristic area of Valencia, open every day from breakfast to dinner without interruptions, which makes it a very good option on the way back from the route, which as always we are sure to extend and then we have trouble finding somewhere open for lunch at any time... They have a daily menu during the week and a simple but delicious menu, homemade food and also cakes, biscuits, shakes... to treat yourself (Calle Puerto Rico 41, Valencia.)

Khambu Food Valencia

If fast food is your thing, the vegan Khambú, in the Carmen neighbourhood, an area of historical and tourist interest with lots of monuments and buildings to visit, is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner and has hamburgers, wraps, sandwiches, nachos, nuggets, etc. and desserts... really good (Calle Quart 41, Valencia.)

Bar Frenazo Valencia

Another option, if you like authentic Chinese food, is Frenazo, omnivorous but with good vegan options, very close to the North Station in the Convento Jerusalén neighbourhood, also known as "chinatown". I recommend several dishes from here as a must-try: the sautéed bamboo, the fried corn with pepper and salt, the house tofu or the grilled vegetable dumplings... and if you like spicy food, they have a sauce that you can order on the side, which is insane. Lunch and dinner except Wednesdays (Calle Pelayo 23).

Frenazo Valencia

And if you fancy pizza? Pizzeria KM0, Italian omnivore, in the Benimaclet neighbourhood, makes spectacular Neapolitan pizzas, with local produce, and on the menu there is a section of vegan pizzas with some very good cheeses, especially the blue cheese, which is out of this world. They are open every day for dinner and on Saturdays and Sundays for lunch (Calle Emilio Baró 82).

So, if you are in the area, this is a good morning trip, to end up eating in any of these places and even then for dinner, a very complete day.

Good route, full throttle and enjoy!

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