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Artikel: Vegan motorcycle clothing. How to wear it?

Vegan motorcycle clothing. How to wear it?

Vegan motorcycle clothing. How to wear it?

The word biker is usually associated with the image of a rude guy parking in bars on Route 66, James Dean with his leather jacket or the MotoGP champion. In each and everyone of them, leather is always thought to be the fabric that will protect us in a fall.

However, times have changed and more and more people are choosing veganism as a philosophy of life, either out of environmental awareness or respect for animals. But what happens when a vegan wants to be well equipped on a motorcycle? The vast majority of products that are for sale contain cow, goat, kangaroo leather … Until now.

Vegan motorcycle clothing with innovative fabrics

Many of the clothes we wear contain a fabric that you probably already know: nylon. It’s one of the most widely used textile fibers due to its elasticity and wear resistance. In fact, the widely known Cordura, that many bikers ask for as an alternative to leather, is an improvement from nylon. However, if we want more protection, we should talk about Kevlar, a polyamide used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests (for example); and Superfabric, the most resistant material in motorcycle gear.

Superfabric is 10 times stronger than Kevlar. If we compare it with the leather of competition suits, which resists an abrasion of between 1200 and 1700 cycles, Superfabric offers us about 3750 cycles. You can read more about its features in this article.


Motorcycle jackets

We can find jackets with different levels of protection, depending on whether our needs are urban or more sporty. Either way, it’s important to have approved protections on the back, shoulders and elbows. Nor should we forget comfort as an active safety factor, as it will help keep our focus on the drive.

If you are vegan or simply do not want to use animal fabrics, we advise you to look into 100% vegan motorcycle clothing brands, which are 100% vegan. So you can feel confident that there will be no leather components.

At Andromeda we’ve got softshell jackets: the Kuiper jacket for men and  for women.

Also the Neowise jacket, which is the first on the market made of vegan leather. It is made of highly abrasion-resistant polyethylene (made from the same material as the NearX coverall). The interior is fully lined with Kevlar and has SAS-TEC Level 2 protections on shoulders, elbows and back. Ideal for riding protected and dressed in style.

vegan motorcycle clothing jacket


Motorcycle suits

We can find motorcycle suits in one or two pieces. The advantage of the two piece is precisely that it can be disassembled, so you can take off your jacket while you rest having a drink. Or you can only use the jacket for short trips, for example if you go to work or go on errands.

The advantages of a racing suit made with quality synthetic fabrics are that, unlike leather, it does not spoil if it gets wet and its composition of flexible fabrics makes it more comfortable. Our recommendation is that you order a tailored suit, as it will fit your body much better. You can see our vegan suit NearX here. It is the most advanced suit, with AAA security and it has SuperFabric® reinforcements in all high impact areas.

vegan motorcycle clothing



Gloves are one of the products that vegans have the most difficulty finding since, for greater safety, brands use leather with protections. At Andromeda we are proud to have the only 100% vegan gloves on the market with full Kevlar inner mesh, and Superfabric protections on the palm and phalanx.

Visit the following link to discover the Meteor gloves. These gloves are also available in a winter version: Meteor Winter.

If your style is urban, you will need lighter gloves that protect against abrasion, such as the Comet gloves.

vegan motorcycle clothing

Kevlar shirts with protections

Many bikers are unaware of the existence of shirts with approved protections that look like normal shirts that could be found in regular stores, but that have approved protections. The Makemake shirt meets these characteristics, and also has the interior completely covered in Kevlar to protect against abrasion from a fall.

These types of shirts are very practical for hot weather, if you want to wear something lighter than a jacket when going on shorter journeys.

You can see the Makemake shirt.


Motorcycle boots

Racing boots must meet a series of characteristics: reinforced exoskeleton for better ankle support, heel area with shock absorption, reinforced protection on the shin, ventilation outlets and instep with synthetic leather, among others.

Infinity boots are a good example.

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