Makemake Shirt

Reserve it. Delivery mid December 2019 approx.

Makemake shirt looks like a normal cotton shirt and flannel to go to the office, city or road. Inside it is covered with full Kevlar® and has homologated protections on shoulders, elbows and back.



  • Grey
  • White
  • Red

— 100% cotton with flannel.
— Fully covered Kevlar® interior for perfect protection.
CE protections on shoulders, elbows and back.
— 100% vegan.

Kevlar® interior

Some will think that the Makemake shirt is the typical shirt that can be found in regular clothing stores. Nothing further from reality.

In addition to wearing CE protections on shoulders, elbows and back plus a zipper that avoids entering the air while driving, it incorporates throughout the shirt what will protect you from abrasion in case of an accident: Kevlar®. This material is known to be used in bulletproof vests among other uses.

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