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Find out the best protectors for motorcycle gear. Sas-Tec back, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow and chest protectors.


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Sold outSAS-TEC Coccyx protector SC-1/08
Save 50%SAS-TEC Back protector SC-15 level 2
SAS-TEC Back protector SC-15 level 2 Sale price€13.65 Regular price€27.30
Sold outSAS-TEC Hip protector SC-1/74 level 2 (1 pair)
SAS-TEC Shoulder SC-1/01 protector level 2 (1 pair)SAS-TEC Shoulder SC-1/01 protector level 2 (1 pair)
SAS-TEC Knee and elbow SC-1/02 protector level 2 (1 pair)
Sold outSAS-TEC Tripleflex Hip protector SC-1/HB21 level 2 (1 pair)
Sold outSAS-TEC Chest protector SC-1/CP1 level 2
Sold outSAS-TEC Chest protector SC-1/CP9
SAS-TEC Back protector SC-1/15 XL level 2

"Until recently if you wanted to ride a bike on track in the UK you would have had to wear either a one or two-piece leather suit. But now a new Spanish brand have created a new product that is not only animal product free but is also kinder on the environment too."

"No, Andromeda Moto doesn’t have the same century-long history and world-famous branding but they do have a gorgeous, feature-rich product that offers equal or better protection at less than half the cost."

"All this results in a suit that is lighter and more resistant than the usual ones, but it is also 566 times more sustainable than current leather suits."

"It’s my go-to jacket, i love just chuck it on. It’s really like airy. You can fit clothes underneath it as well you can run in winter. It’s a great jacket."