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Article: Women’s motorcycle suit. What should we take into account?

women’s motorcycle suit

Women’s motorcycle suit. What should we take into account?

Women usually have it more difficult when it comes to choosing motorcycle gear, mainly because there is less variety of products adapted to their anatomy. In addition to this problem women tend to be more concerned about aesthetics than men. And it is precisely in the suits, where it is more difficult to fit properly.

But not impossible, and in the lines below we will look at some of the keys to a good women’s motorcycle suit.

Made to measure women's motorcycle suit

Most of the suits are sized. Basically, the biker chooses the size that best fits her body and then takes it to be fitted if necessary.

However, there is also the option of making it to measure, and although this entails an additional cost, it is the best option for two reasons: the first is that each body is unique, so by making it to measure you ensure that it is as close as possible to your figure; the second is that the suit has to be perfectly adjusted to your body for it to be safe. So in case of an accident all the protections will be in place, with no slack.

In Andromeda, we take an additional measurement for the women’s motorcycle suit: the average torso circumference. This way we get a better fit to female anatomy. In fact, we have received messages from followers on social networks saying that it is the suit with the best fit for women they have ever seen.

women’s motorcycle suit


The NearX suit is made of a super resistant polyethylene with which you will not only feel lighter, but you will also notice that it fits much better to your body (leather suits need some time to adapt). This is due to the fact that, in addition to being custom-made, its main fabric is more flexible.

Many customers have told us that, compared to traditional leather, they can feel it like a second skin. This is very important, as comfort is part of active safety.

Quality of manufacture

Do not let the price fool you. A 600 euro suit will never offer the highest level of safety. At Andromeda we use the most advanced materials, such as ultra-resistant polyethylene UHMWPE (used in the suits of the astronauts of the International Space Station), Superfabric, Kevlar, Keprotec and SAS-TEC protections. We also have specialized manufacturers to create the safest suit.

That’s why we offer you a AAA certified women motorbike suit (the highest level of safety).

You can learn more about our technology here. You can also follow us on Instagram or Facebook

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