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Article: Motorcycle back protector. Which one protects more?

motorcycle back protector sas-tec

Motorcycle back protector. Which one protects more?

When it comes to riding a motorcycle, safety is a fundamental factor. One of the key elements to ensure proper rider protection is the back protector. A piece of safety equipment specifically designed to protect the back in the event of an accident or fall. 

What types of back protectors are there?

We can divide them into two main groups.

1. Internal back protector

This is the most common. It is placed in the pocket on the back of motorcycle jackets and suits. They can be of different levels of protection and materials. But not all are equally good, as we will have to look at the certification (we will see later).

back protector sas-tec level 2

2. Back protector with straps

Despite their great protection, they are less used than the previous ones, as they are more uncomfortable and bulky. It is a plate that covers the entire back, from the neck to almost the coccyx, thanks to straps.

The rider first adjusts it on the body, and then puts on the jacket or suit.

Certification level of back protectors

Motorcycle back protectors must be certified and approved to guarantee their quality and meet the required safety standards.

To know the level of a back protector, it is enough to see the label where the type of certification appears. This way we can be sure that it is one of the following:

Level 1: In an impact it has the capacity to transmit less than 18 kN of force to the rider.

Level 2: Must transmit less than 9 kN.

To learn more about motorcycle clothing certifications you can read this article from our blog.

What back protectors do we use at Andromeda Moto?

In Andromeda Moto we use SAS-TEC protectors for both jackets and suits.

All of them are level 2, the highest safety level.

These protectors have the particularity that they are soft to the touch and mold perfectly to your body, thanks to the body heat. But they are very hard on impact.

Thus, they are resistant and very comfortable. Remember that comfort is part of active safety.

SAS-TEC protectors are made of PU-foam (Polyurethane) from Germany. It’s a very special PU foam, based on biological raw materials (oil of plants) and not based on mineral oil. So, this protectors are plant-based.

Here you can see the certificate as a pdf.

In the specific case of SAS-TEC back protectors we have different sizes, as it depends on the height of the person and the type of gear:





So, if you are considering whether or not to wear a back protector on your motorcycle rides, don't hesitate, it can save you from serious injuries.

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