März 01, 2021

Do you know the amount of water to make a leather suit? Even though there is more and more innovation in the motorcycle clothing industry, it is a sector that is still quite traditional in certain products. Like in fashion, leather is still very present despite the sacrifice of animals and the environmental impact. The most outstanding case is undoubtedly the one of the motorcycle suits.

In the following lines we will compare the water used in the manufacture of a leather suit versus a quality polyethylene one. You will be surprised.

51 000 liters vs 90 liters

According to data provided by Fluence, 1,890,000 liters of water are needed to raise one cow, from which 103,950 liters (5.5%) are attributed to leather. According to their estimations, about 6kg of leather are produced per animal, i.e. each kilogram of leather requires approximately 17,000 liters of water. This figure is also confirmed by Water Footprint Network.

Therefore, if we take into account that each suit requires about 3kg of leather, we can state that in the manufacture of a leather motorcycle suit about 51,000 liters of water are used. While the NearX suit, made of high-strength polyethylene, requires only 90 liters. This means that it is 566 times more sustainable.

water to make a leather suit agua para hacer un mono de cuero

Chromium-free, allergy-free

Many people are unaware that chemicals such as chromium are used in leather tanning. If it is done in non-standardized factories, chemicals can leak into water wells. But chromium can also cause allergies when it comes into contact with the skin of those who are more sensitive.

For this reason, some customers have ordered the NearX suit.

Other advantages

In addition to reducing environmental impact and not causing animal sacrifice, wearing a quality polyethylene motorcycle suit has several advantages:

  1. It does not require maintenance like the leather suit, which needs to be applied moisturizing cream. Cleaning the synthetic suit is also easier, a damp cloth is enough.
  2. Water repellent. It has a thin waterproof layer that will allow you to ride without getting soaked in light rain.
  3. The synthetic suit is more flexible. Unlike leather, it does not need time to adapt to your body.
  4. All of this without giving up safety. The NearX suit has a AAA level protection, i.e. the highest level of safety.

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