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mono de moto certificado certified motorcycle suit

Many of you were asking us for the NearX suit certificate to enter the tracks, and it was not an easy task. We were sure that our suit would pass all the tests, as there is currently no other suit that outperforms it in terms of technology and safety. But it was precisely for this, and for the fact that it is not made of leather, that we have been required more than any other brand. Here are some of the reasons:

— The NearX is made of 18 fabrics, so the test was more laborious, as most suits have a lot less fabrics.
— It has 7 protectors, including back, chest and coccyx protectors. These protectors are surprisingly not mandatory to pass the maximum AAA certification. So, most suits only carry 3 (shoulders, elbows and knees). Moreover, we know brands that have uncertified leather suits (neither is the leather of which they are composed) that are being used by professionals in competition.
— We have also had to pass tests on the front and back vents. The NearX is the only suit that has them.

But the tests have not been the hard part, in fact we have passed most of them with flying colors. In some cases we have even tripled the minimum requirements.

The most laborious part was the bureaucratic process, as it was the first time the certifier had seen such a suit (100% vegan and with this technology). Our team worked hard to get the certificate on paper as soon as possible, as the NearX suit had already passed the tests some time ago.

Therefore, no championship organizer, track owner or track organizer can say that they only allow racing with leather (there are 200€ suits of dubious quality that enter the track).

Having said all this, those of you who already own the NearX suit are owners of the most advanced suit ever. And that makes us very happy, as we are convinced that we will change the industry and stop using animal leather 😉


The most advanced motorcycle suit.