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Article: The 8 best motorcycle routes in the world

best motorcycle routes in the world

The 8 best motorcycle routes in the world

Feeling the wind, the speed, the views provided by nature and above all the feeling of freedom that you experience on each trip, are sensations that every biker will identify with.

The best way to live this experience is during a good trip, and that’s why today we bring you the best motorcycle routes in the world.

1. Route 40 (Argentina)

If you like the diversity of landscapes, climates, flora and fauna, this is the route for you. Argentina is one of the longest countries in the world, and Route 40 allows you to cross Argentina from end to end from Cabo Virgenes in Santa Cruz to La Quiaca in Jujuy. Traveling almost 5,194 kilometers, crossing 11 provinces, 14 national parks and 26 natural reserves, crossing 236 bridges and passing through a diversity of landscapes.

From glaciers to volcanoes, this is one of the most complete routes in the world.

best motorcycle routes in the world

2. Route 66 (United States)

Considered one of the best motorcycle routes and the icon of American culture, Route 66 allows us to know up to 8 states from Chicago to Los Angeles.

It was removed from the American highway network with the installation of major interstate highways, and although it is no longer possible to travel the original road uninterruptedly, it is possible to travel 80% of its former route without too many detours.

It has a length of 3,940 kilometers where you can enjoy a diversity of landscapes and immerse yourself in American history from beginning to end.

The perfect route for classic lovers!

best motorcycle routes in the world route 66

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3. The Great Ocean Road (Australia)

This is the perfect route for sea and nature lovers. It is a route of 243 kilometers along the Australian coast. The Great Ocean Road connects the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. All along the way we can enjoy panoramic views, coastal areas and abundant wildlife.

From the waves of the world famous Bells Beach to the 12 apostles. Traveling through tropical jungles, volcanoes and rugged coastlines. Undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle routes and one of the most spectacular trips in the world.

4. Balkans (Europe)

Who wouldn’t like to travel 13 countries of the European continent by motorcycle? With the Balkan route, you will not only travel through countries such as Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy and many others, but you will also discover a region of beauty and culture.

The Balkan region is located in the southwest of Europe and consists of thirteen countries. The mixture of different cultures, the landscapes that the route provides you with and the cities with history make the Balkans one of the most fascinating motorcycle experiences of all.

5. Amalfi Coast (Italy)

The Amalfi coast is one of the most beautiful destinations in southern Italy. Perfect to ride a motorcycle and enjoy the diversity of landscapes.

This route goes from the south of Naples to Vietri Sul Mare, in the southwest of the Italian peninsula. Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this coast offers you a variety of landscapes and picturesque villages but with narrow and winding roads.

The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is what enchants travelers all over the world and what makes this experience unique.

6. The Cat and the Fiddle (England)

If risk is your thing, this is the route for you! We go to the East Midlands region in England. It connects the towns of Buxton (Derbyshire) and Macclesfield (Cheshire) and is considered the most dangerous road in England, with a large number of car accidents.

Its steep switchbacks, curves and poor visibility make it a challenge for motorcyclists, but it can also be one of the best experiences with careful and responsible driving. Better not go with one of these supersport bikes, or the thrill can be on another level.

7. Tibet

1,400 kilometers of route that takes us from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Enjoying the landscapes of the Himalayas, crossing passes of more than 5000 meters of altitude, visiting Tibetan temples and the base camp of Everest.

This route provides you with a road full of ancient temples, monasteries and palaces, with well paved roads but with some dirt detours.

Undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle routes in the world, especially for those who in addition to adventure are looking for something more spiritual.

8. Port of San Bernandino (Switzerland)

This is a 70.8 kilometer trail in San Bernardino, located near the highest point of the mountain pass in Switzerland. On this route we will find views of the best of Switzerland, small mountain lakes, waterfalls, extensive forests and swamps.

The route starts in San Bernardino and ends at the ruined castle of Castello Mesocco. Characterized by its numerous curves and spectacular views, this is one of the most popular routes among bikers, you can’t miss it!

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