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Makemake Shirt

Motorcycle shirt that looks like a normal cotton flannel shirt for the office, city or road. On the inside it is full covered with aramid fiber and has SAS-TEC level 2 certified protections on shoulders and elbows.

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— 100% cotton with flannel (outer part).
— Fully covered Aramid inner layer for perfect protection.
CE SAS-TEC level2 protections on shoulders and elbows.
— 100% vegan.
— For temperatures between 20ºC and 35ºC.

Customer reviews

Daniel Gavan
Google Reviews

"I ordered the Makemake shirt. For me, the size S looked like it was tailored for me. I wanted to test it before I could write this review so I took it for a spin. At more than 30 degrees outside I felt the ventilation and it's so light that sometimes forget I am wearing anything at all. I believe it offers the best protection and being vegan it's a big plus!"

Raúl Conde
Google Reviews

"Very cool shirt and perfect fit, with all the protections at a very good price."