The General Contracting Conditions regulate the distance selling relationship between Andromeda Moto and the user or client, in accordance with the legal stipulations, especially Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Contracting Conditions, the Law 3/2014, of March 27, which modifies the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the Law 7/1996, of January 15, on Retail Trade Management, and Law 34/2002 of July 11, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce.

Andromeda Moto reserves the right to make the modifications it deems appropriate, without prior notice, in the General Conditions. Said modifications may be made, through their websites, by any legally admissible form and will be binding during the time they are published on the web and until they are validly modified by subsequent ones. However, Andromeda Moto reserves the right to apply, in certain cases, Specific Contracting Conditions in preference to these General Conditions when it deems it appropriate, announcing them in a timely manner.

The duration of the contract will be linked to the delivery of the product without prejudice to the right of withdrawal.

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As a user or client, you expressly declare to know, understand and accept the conditions of use and these general contracting conditions. In the same way, you declare to be of legal age and to have the legal capacity and to act necessary for accessing and contracting the Andromeda Moto websites.

To purchase our products, you can go to the corresponding section of our online store.

After the purchase process, the client will receive a confirmation of the same by email. It is essential that during the purchase process the user indicates a valid email. If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours of order completion, contact Andromeda Moto by email The customer will receive an invoice by this means once the order is marked as "Shipped".



The descriptions of the products exhibited on the Website are made based on the information provided by the Andromeda Moto suppliers. The photographs of the products and the commercial names, brands or distinctive signs contained in the Website, are about the real products put up for sale, to give the most truthful and exact information about the product and its characteristics. However, it should be noted that the description is not exhaustive.


All prices displayed in the list of our products exclude taxes. In relation to Value Added Tax, as a general rule the tax rate of 21% will be applied for the territory of the European Union where this tax is applicable. In the sale to any other country in the world, VAT will not be charged. However, the customs systems of each country will apply the corresponding tax burdens. Due to their special tax regime, the geographical areas corresponding to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are considered non-EU territories. Therefore, purchases made by residents of these territories are exempt from VAT (the costs of customs clearance and import taxes are not included in the price of the item or shipping, and must be paid at destination by the recipient of the merchandise). The prices displayed on may be reviewed and modified if conditions require it at any time. Andromeda Moto product price list:


NearX suit: € 1220,66 VAT excluded.
Kuiper jacket for men: € 121.90 VAT excluded.
Kuiper jacket for women: € 121.90 VAT excluded.
Makemake shirt: € 94.79 VAT excluded.
Meteor gloves: € 103.06 VAT excluded.
Leg bag: € 23.72 VAT excluded.


NearX suit: € 1220,66 + IGIC
Kuiper jacket for men: € 121.90 + IGIC
Kuiper jacket for women: € 121.90 + IGIC
Makemake shirt: € 94.79 + IGIC
Meteor gloves: € 103.06 + IGIC
Leg bag: € 23.72 + IGIC


Kuiper jacket for men: € 121.90 VAT excluded.
Kuiper jacket for women: € 121.90 VAT excluded.
Makemake shirt: € 94.79 VAT excluded.
Meteor gloves: € 103.06 VAT excluded.
Leg bag: € 23.72 VAT excluded.


NearX suit: € 1220,66 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).
Kuiper jacket for men: € 121.90 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).
Kuiper jacket for women: € 121.90 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).
Makemake shirt: € 94.79 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).
Meteor gloves: € 103.06 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).
Leg bag: € 23.72 + duties and local taxes (if applicable).



In the event that the requested product is not available, the Client will be informed, as soon as possible, of its total or partial cancellation. If it is a partial cancellation of the order due to this case, this fact does not give the right to cancel the entire order. The part of the order that is delivered will be billed exclusively. If for reasons of cancellation the Client wishes to return the delivered product, he must follow the instructions detailed in the Returns section.


When the client formalizes the order with the acceptance of the GTC and the corresponding confirmation of the purchase process, Andromeda Moto will send an email to the address indicated by the client, confirming all the details of the purchase.


Once the customized product has been processed, at Andromeda Moto we do not accept order cancellations under any circumstances. When the first payment is made, a manufacturing process begins that involves different parties, therefore, order cancellations of this type of products are not accepted.


Andromeda Moto may cancel an order within 48 hours after the request made by the Client, for any of the following reasons:

- Lack of stocks.

- No confirmation of payment.

- Impossibility or shipping problems from the company. In all cases, the Client will be promptly informed and, in case of having received any charge, will be reimbursed. In this case, the Client will not be entitled to any compensation from Andromeda Moto.




By selecting this method, the purchase process will link to the page of our bank, in this way, the data is not retained by Andromeda Moto but is sent directly through a secure protocol (HTTPS) to the bank that operates with Andromeda Moto (Caja Rural de Navarra). Thus, we offer you maximum security and confidence. The payment on your card will be made at the precise moment in which you validate the payment. If there is a stock problem in your order, or there is any incident in the expedition, we will refund the corresponding amount on your credit card within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of service. For security reasons Andromeda Moto reserves the right to reject any operation made with a credit card. In this case we will proceed to refund the cash on the original card. If the client after our explanations is interested in progressing with the purchase of the items, we will request a bank transfer. After payment, we will notify you of the result and, if satisfactory, we will send you an e-mail with the details and the order confirmation.


If during the process you choose this payment system, your order will be pending receipt of the deposit confirmation from the bank. The transfer must be effective within a maximum period of 4 calendar days from the date of purchase. If for any reason this is not done after these 4 days, we cannot guarantee the availability of the products. All bank fees and corresponding expenses generated by the transfer are borne entirely by the payer. Once the corresponding transfer is registered and verified, we will proceed to send your order to the address that appears in the shipping data. The delivery period starts from this date. At the end of the purchase process, you will receive an e-mail with the details and order confirmation along with the following bank details so that you can make the bank transfer. It is very important that in the CONCEPT field you indicate your name, surname and order number.




Depending on the time of day you place the order, standard shipments are usually delivered within 48 hours (peninsula and Andorra) of having made the purchase through the web (as long as there is stock), although these delivery times are approximate, and in any case, a delay in delivery with respect to the indicated periods will not entitle the client to demand any compensation. Delivery times, depending on availability, can vary from 24 hours to 14 days. We recommend contacting us in advance to confirm the delivery time at times of the year with more volume of orders and / or longer delay in carriers (summer, Christmas, etc.). Delivery times are calculated on working days (from Monday to Friday) since Andromeda Moto does not make expeditions on holidays, Saturdays or Sundays. In any case, if there is any stock breakage or punctual unavailability, we would immediately inform you and give you a new delivery time, or if it is not possible to serve you said product, proceed with its cancellation.

The delivery time for all types of orders destined for the Balearic Islands can range between 4 and 12 business days depending on the date the order was placed, the state of the sea and the weight / volume of the package. The delivery time for all types of orders to Ceuta and Melilla can range from 4 to 6 business days depending on the date of ordering. The delivery time for all types of orders to the Canary Islands can range between 10 and 20 business days depending on the date the order was placed and the state of the sea.

It is possible that the same order is divided into several deliveries. If this is the case, each delivery will be invoiced separately and payment will also be made separately according to the product delivered.

Once the transport company makes the requested product available to the client, it will be understood that it has been delivered.

When seven (7) business days have elapsed since the order was distributed, and the delivery has not been arranged, the Client must contact Andromeda Moto


All the products in the Andromeda Moto collection are tailored exclusively to meet the requirements of our customers. The manufacturing process has different phases of quality control, which allows us to ensure that the product is in excellent condition. For this reason the delivery date can vary between 8 and 10 weeks from the moment we receive the payment, we have the confirmed measurements and design. The delivery time may vary depending on many factors, from high production peaks, breakage of stock of materials, etc ... 


The Client must check the good condition of the package before the carrier that, on behalf of Andromeda Moto, delivers the requested product, indicating on the delivery note any anomaly that it could detect in the packaging. If, subsequently, after reviewing the product, the Client detects any incident such as blow, breakage, signs of having been opened or any damage caused by the shipment, the latter undertakes to notify Andromeda Moto in writing within the shortest period of time. Possible time providing photographs and in a maximum of seven (7) business days from delivery.



The customer may exercise the right of withdrawal and may withdraw the order, if it is found that it does not meet their expectations. In this case, 12 euros will be deducted from the refund amount for shipping the product in mainland Spain. For the rest of the areas, the current shipping rates will be discounted, plus customs expenses, if any. To make the return, the product must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging, original labels and with the manuals, accessories or promotional gifts included in your case. Likewise, the conditions of being a new product, without use or washing, will be respected. Otherwise, the client will have to assume the depreciation of the product. We will not accept products with marks, stains or hair. All products will be reviewed by our quality department.

The exercise of this right will have to be carried out within a maximum period of fourteen (14) business days from its receipt. In order to exercise this right, it is necessary that they are not products (custom-made mono) or personalized services made according to customer specifications. Neither will the withdrawal of services whose execution has begun, as established in art. 102 of the mentioned norm. The Client may exercise the right of withdrawal by sending an email to the email address, in which he must indicate his name and surnames, as well as the identification data of his order. In this email you must state your desire to exercise the right of withdrawal. You can use the model withdrawal form below, although its use is not mandatory.


Andromeda Top Sports, SL (Andromeda Moto)

BIC Building (Alava Technology Park)

C / Albert Einstein, 15.

01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava)


I hereby inform that I withdraw from our sales contract of the following property:

• Ordered on / received on ............................................ .................................

• Name of the consumer and user ............................................ ...............

• Address of the consumer and user ............................................ .............

• Signature of the consumer and user ............................................ ..................

• Date................................................ .................................................. .

To comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient that the communication regarding the exercise by you of this right is sent before the corresponding period expires.


In the event of your withdrawal, we will refund all payments received from you, no later than 14 calendar days from the date on which you inform us of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will proceed to make such refund using the same payment method used by you for the initial transaction. In any case, you will not incur any expenses as a result of the refund. We may retain the refund until we have received the goods. You must return or deliver the goods directly to Andromeda Moto - Albert Einstein, 15, BIC Building (Parque Tecnológico de Álava), 01510 Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), without any undue delay and, in any case, no later than 14 calendar days from the date you communicate your decision to withdraw from the contract. The deadline will be considered fulfilled if you return the goods before the deadline has expired. You must bear the direct cost of returning the goods. You will only be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods.

Once the merchandise has been received in our warehouses, and after checking its condition, the amount will be reimbursed according to the payment method made by the client.

In any case, the return of defective products and erroneous shipments will be accepted, and Andromeda Moto will be responsible for the shipping costs provided that the client communicates this circumstance within seven (7) days from the date of receipt shipping.

Andromeda Moto is only responsible for orders placed on the website:

IMPORTANT: Andromeda Moto will not carry out any forwarding of merchandise until the receipt and condition of the packaging and accessories of the item to be returned or exchanged in our warehouses have been verified.



There is the possibility of making a change of size in orders to peninsular Spain. The management of the change is free in orders of more than 70 euros but the client must send Andromeda Moto, at his cost and risk, the product / products that he wishes to change in size. This service will not be free for the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. Nor for the European Union and countries outside the EU. In these cases, the shipping rates specified in the "Shipping costs" section detailed in these Conditions will be discounted for each of the areas. It is important to note that only one size change process will be allowed per product. The change of color or model of the product is excluded from this service. Likewise, this service will be provided as long as the product has been used only to test the size. If there are indications that its use has spread from this point (odors, scratches, worn material, loss of color, etc.), you will not have the right to apply this service.

When a client wants to make use of the size change, they must send an email to indicating:

Full name
Date of purchase
Size you have received and size you want to have

The maximum term for the use of this service is 60 calendar days, since the article has been received.

In case we do not have the size of your interest, to proceed with the change we will inform you of the expected period to receive a new unit and if it is not to your liking, we will proceed to refund the amount.


Defects or damage due to incorrect use or handling of the material or wear caused by normal use of it, are not included in the warranty.

Likewise, products modified or repaired by the customer or any other person not authorized by the manufacturer or supplier are excluded from the guarantee.



In the event that any clause of the present in the GTC is declared null, the other clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into account the will of the parties and the very purpose of these GTC.

Andromeda Moto reserves the right not to exercise any of the rights and powers conferred in these GTC. This faculty will not imply in any case the waiver of the same unless express recognition by Andromeda Moto or prescription of the action that in each case corresponds.


Andromeda Moto reserves the right to modify, update or delete any of the points of the GTC, at any time and without prior notice. Due to this reason, the client is recommended to read it every time they visit this website. The conditions established in the CGV will always be available on a visible site, freely accessible for any queries you want to make.

In any case, the acceptance of the conditions of use will be a previous and indispensable step to the acquisition of any product available through the Website. Limitation of Liability Motorcycling in all its forms is intrinsically dangerous and can cause serious injury and even death. It is the responsibility of the client to be technically trained to use the materials and equipment that Andromeda Moto distributes. We recommend that you use the motorcycle as fully as possible. Use quality materials. In them and in your ability you place your safety and that of those around you. Make a responsible use of your motorcycle.


These General Conditions of Sale are governed by Spanish law. In the event of a controversy arising from these general conditions and for the resolution of conflicts, the parties submit, the parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz.