As an Andromeda follower you can offer exclusive benefits to friends with your personal recommendation codes. For each recommendation you will get a 10% cumulative balance to exhange it for our products.
You just have to follow a few simple steps:


Send email to with your First and Last Name. Tell us if you want to have a specific code.


Share your code. People who buy with him, will have a 5% discount on their purchase. And you will accumulate a 10% balance.


When you have enough, you can exchange it for any of our products.

Thanks for being part of the action. Later, the people who recommend us the most will have special access to product tests before they are in market, acting as testers, limited personal units and more surprises to reach this galaxy.

Note: The purchase discount and balance accumulation are not valid for products on offer. They can be accumulated with other special codes that are available at the moment. Prizes are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for money. The recommender has no authority to represent or link to Andromeda Moto. Terms and conditions are subject to change. Spam is not allowed. Nor any misleading or annoying information in its dissemination.