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The automotive sector is increasingly aware that climate change and dependence on fossil materials harm the planet and ourselves.

Brands such as Tesla, Mercedes or Kia are strongly committed to a change in mentality and electric motorcycle brands have already taken note of this.

Here are some models of electric motorcycles available in the market (and some that will arrive in 2021):

1. Verge Hubless Electric Roadster

 Verge Hubless Electric Roadster80 Kw power, 1000Nm torque, a range of 300 km in the city and 200 km on the highway.

The TS model can achieve between 200 and 300 km of carefree driving, depending on the driving style. The on-board charger reaches 100% in 4 hours and with DC fast charging, 45-50 minutes, which makes it one of the fastest chargers in these electric motorcycles.

The price of the Hubless electric roadster is around 8.000€.

2. Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Harley-Davidson LiveWireIt has a power of 105 CV and the high-voltage battery provides a minimum of 158 km (98 miles) of range in the city.

The permanent magnet electric motor produces 100% of its rated torque instantly, which explains the incredible acceleration of the LiveWire. It is located below the battery to lower the center of gravity and facilitate maneuverability.

With a subscription mobile connectivity system, you can link the motorcycle with your smartphone using the latest version of the Harley-Davidson App. able to review the vital signs of the bike, including battery charge status, receive alerts for tampering, follow-up in case of theft and more.

The price of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire is 33.700€.

3 . Energica Ego

Energica EgoThe basic version has a 13.4 kW battery, which means a range of up to 200 km in the city, 160 km in combined cycle and 120 km on the highway.

The new Energica Ego + version has a larger 21.5 kW lithium-ion battery. With 62% more capacity and an impressive 215Nm of torque, the ego + offers a range of 400km in the city, 230km on the combined cycle and 180km on the highway.

Includes long-range connectivity with Energica Connected Ride and short-range Bluetooth.

The price of the Energica Ego is  25.400€.

4. Cake Kalak Ink

Cake Kalak InkIt has a motor with 11 kW of power (14.8 HP) and 280 Nm of torque, capable of reaching 80 km/h. It also integrates a 2.6 kWh capacity battery that keeps it running for 3 hours *.

The new CAKE electric motorcycle models are priced at 10.500€ and 9.500€ for the Kalk INK and Kalk INK SL, respectively.

* The actual range depends on several different aspects, eg. driving style, rider weight, weather conditions, temperature, road surface and tire pressure.


5. Tarform Luna (2021)

Tarform LunaThis model has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8s, an autonomy in the city of 200 km (in Eco mode) and the battery is recharged to 80% in 50 minutes.

The components are made from flax fibers, recycled aluminum and biodegradable leather.

Designed with a technological character that improves safety on two wheels. A radar acts as a blind spot detection. Vibration through the seat alerts any vehicle to your blind spot and a rear view camera lets you see what’s behind.

The price of the Luna model is 20.200€ and you can reserve it now.

6. Zero Sr (2021)

Zero SrWith an aerodynamic driving posture, a load capacity of more than 100 km in one hour and a range of up to 358 km in the city and 185 km on the highway, the Zero SR offers the highest range in the Zero line.

The price of the Sr model is 17.990€.

7. X Mobility T1 (2021)

X Mobility T1The design was inspired by the “Brat style” that originated in Japan and they are, in short, a shortened version of the Cafe Racer. Fine and well finished details are used for this model with a clean, low and aggressive look.

X Mobility will launch 2 electric motorcycles on the market next year: the T1 and T2. It will incorporate 2 motors: The STANDARD motor is a high-power intermediate electric motor that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance, generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high quality 5KW BRUSHLESS DC. The PRO motor is a high-power, high-performance electric motor that equips the T models. State-of-the-art, high-performance technology. Equipped with high quality 11KW DC BRUSHLESS.

The Intelligent Power X battery is the battery pack that equips the T models. Latest generation technology, high performance generating greater energy savings. Equipped with high quality DLG lithium ion cell. The T1 can be equipped with up to two batteries simultaneously. Both are easily removable.

The price of the T1 is not yet available (February 2021).

8. Damon Hypersport ( 2021)

Damon HypersportDamon’s all-electric powertrain delivers 200 horsepower and 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds. It has an advanced 360 ° warning system that offers unrivaled situational awareness. CoPilot intuitively knows what’s around it at all times by tracking and warning riders of danger through haptic feedback on the handlebar, integrated windshield LEDs, and an always-on 1080p rearview camera.

This high-performance electric motorcycle comes with a 20 kWh capacity, liquid-cooled battery that gives it 320 km of autonomy (and about 480 km in use per city).

The price of the Hypersport model is 33.680€.

9. OX One (2021)

OX Motorcycles One

OX Motorcycles is a Spanish startup that has surprised with its futuristic retro cafe racer model called OX One. A motorcycle that will come out with an autonomy of 110 km and top speed of 110 km/h. In addition to its careful design, it stands out for the integration of the ELISA device, a mixture of artificial intelligence and IOT (Internet of Things) that will make our driving safer and easier.

The OX One is scheduled to go on sale at the end of 2021. It is priced at 5,200 euros and can already be reserved in Spain with a down payment of 150 euros.

Our selection of the most interesting electric motorcycles of this 2020 (and some that will arrive in 2021), which one is your favorite? Have we left any? Comment on Instagram or Facebook if you think we missed any.


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