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Hi riders!

We are going to be two weeks managing stock, specifically from September 23 to October 11. Days during which we will not be shipping. Related to this, we have two news: one unpopular and one that will make you happy (you have to read to the end).

1. The unpopular one

We will rise the prices on our main products, and we want to explain why:

— Don’t be fooled, leather is cheaper because it is a surplus from the meat industry. That’s why the rest of the brands continue to use it for almost everything. We, on the other hand, use fabrics that cost up to 3 times more than leather, such as high molecular weight polyethylene, Superfabric or complete Kevlar interiors (not only in certain areas).

— Transportation has multiplied its cost worldwide, as have raw materials.

— We are determined that Andromeda will continue to be a premium brand. Our commitment is and will continue to be to produce quality products, maintaining our non-leather philosophy. But we also want them to be affordable for the majority of people, and to that end we will try to have different product ranges.

— We do not want to devalue non-leather products compared to leather products, because we know that our fabrics are superior. Cheap is usually associated with poor quality, and that is not the way to revolutionize the industry.

2. The good news

We’re not raising prices yet. You have until October 11 to buy at the current price. If you are an early adopter of Andromeda or you were planning to buy some of our gear, now is the time.

Take advantage of this opportunity 😉


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